Austin Body Therapy
Stephanie L. Chang (Panfili), LMT

My practice focuses on meeting the specific needs of my clients.  Whether your goal is to relax, rehabilitate an injury, find support through pregnancy, strengthen healthy posture and/or gain body awareness, I can help you reach your goals.

Through extensive academic and hands-on training with master practitioners, I have gained the knowledge and skills needed to create a personalized massage experience that targets your individual concerns. 

Active communication and participation by my clients during their session, helps to increase the productivity of an individual session. My clients also find that as I share what I discover about their specific needs, they are empowered to make daily choices to strengthen those areas which can enable increased freedom of movement.

My passion is using the tool of massage therapy to enable positive change in the lives and bodies of those entrusted to my care. Many of my clients enjoy a relaxing/therapeutic massage, while others prefer to schedule sessions to target specific problem areas. The choice is yours!

To Schedule a Session: 512.968.1684

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About My Practice...

Welcome! I am a massage therapist in Austin, Texas. My massage career began with the simple intention of learning about, connecting with and changing my own hurting, aching body. My life forever changed as I processed and grew into my gifts and calling as a bodyworker. While studying under master bodyworkers at IPSB in Los Angeles, I began to embody what was taught and have thrived since moving to Austin. Working at luxury spas/resorts as well as chiropractic offices and local massage venues have added to my reputation and enhanced my desire to establish and work with my own clientele. I now focus my energies on maintaining the highest standards in my growing private practice. I hope you'll soon join the ranks of satisfied clients, and I look forward to working with you!